Wild Booty for Tarzan

Niki James
Niki James
Niki James

Poor Tarzan could have committed suicide in jealousy if he saw Niki. Of course, his Jane was a beautiful woman, but with
all due respect, she pales in comparison with that Wild Booty Beauty, Niki James. Oh well, fuck the Tarzan, our story is
not about him, it’s about how Niki met Sergio. Like Tarzan, Sergio prowls the jungle, waiving his monster cock around,
fucking every being he met and was quite pleased with himself. And just like Jane, sexy woman Niki came to lost-in-a-jungle
village with science purpose. Local women warned her about danger of sexual aggression from mysterious wild man, who lives
in thicket. Niki took her favorite machete and decided to take a closer look on this guy. What can I say, she’s such a
curious and brave girl! Wild guy Sergio merrily ambushed her, jumped out of bushes swinging his erected cock, anticipating
the taste of new pussy. Big mistake! Never assault a woman armed with machete holding only your cock atilt. Sergio suffered
a crushing defeat and was captured by our martial Amazon. Niki showed some mercy not chopping his carrot into pieces and
decided to use her captive to her pleasure. Yes, I know, it’s against the Hague Convention, to fuck war prisoners, but I
never heard Sergio complained. Her new male toy pleased Niki so much, so she took him out of jungle to the big city. I haven’t
heard anything about Sergio anymore, but I think he found his fortune with Wild Booty Beauty, Niki James. Lucky bastard!

Niki James
Niki James
Niki James

What they say:

This time around we have the lovely, Remy. She was looking amazing in that skin tight latex dress.
She had a naughty look in those sexy eyes. She bent over and displayed her marvelous ass.
She rubbed baby oil all over her latex dress and body. She bent over and revealed her big sweet ass.
It looked magnificent as she rubbed baby oil all over her round butt. Bill joined the party and she sat her sweet ass on his face.
She got her pussy pounded and then she ordered that cock to go in her asshole. She got her asshole hammered and got man juice all over her latex dress.

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