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Susanna, I am crazy loving you!


As it states in old pop song, Susanna, I’m crazy loving you! That Susanna just made me crazy for sure!
There are women, looking at their figure that there is an overwhelming desire to fuck them!
Especially, if her luxurious European Ass is tightly covered with bright yellow tights.
Just look how her gorgeous tanned ass hardly fits in her tights bursting them in all directions
Clever Susanna, knowing that, takes her tights off, showing us her amazing magical ass!
Like every woman, who knows the beauty of her body, she’s doing it slowly, like in a striptease.
As soon as her ass shows up from the edge of the tights, I immediately want to cuddle my face to it.
But treacherous sexy Suzanne doesn’t finish with that, she starts taking her panties off flirty.
By doing this she immediately provoked a terrible conflict between my tongue and my swollen cock.
Both of my organs wished first to taste a juicy Susanna’s ass and her lovely ooze wet pussy.
And it’s not so bad, my greedy hands have started to try reach the monitor, do not know why ..
What can I say in my defense .. Incredible Susanna’s sexuality has brought my body and mind apart
I tried to pull myself together and decided to write a letter to my friends on Japanese robotics factory.
I sent them few screenshots from this movie, where Susana takes a particularly sexy poses.
And asked them to quickly send me a girl robot with Susanna appearance and acting of her habits.
After few days, I’ve been told that my Japanese friends were hospitalized with strange diagnosis.
Terrible weakness, palms damage and unbeatable erection. Well .. Susanna, we’re all crazy loving you!!


What they say:

Susanna’s ass was simply put, Amazing! Susanna was from Hungary and she had that incredible European ass!
She had the walk, the looks, and the thickness that had us in awe. Truly a MonsterCurve in every essence.
She had our boy going wild over that ass and was just dying to ram that juicy pussy!

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