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Phat Ass White Girl

Nicole Aniston
Nicole Aniston
Nicole Aniston

Remember I told you the Yellow Tights strained over sexy phat ass it’s a signal, a sign! Which means, yes, I know my ass is
perfect, and I know you could do everything to have a chance to get to know it. By wearing this yellow tight pants Nicole
Aniston did the same, she pointed my eyes on her lovely, magnificent, incredible ass! They call her a PAWG, what means
Phat Ass White Girl. And I agree, she’s the best PAWG that I’ve seen over the past few weeks. And the most important, she reminded me Cersei Lannister from The Game of Thrones series. An imperious cold bitch queen who loves her power. Remember how she convinced Lord Baelish, that power is not in knowledge, but power is in power. Yeah, she ordered her guards to cut off his balls,
if he won’t agree. I love that bitch! And Nicole knows, her Beautiful Ass has power and I admire! She doesn’t need to threaten you to cut off your balls for that, just watch the movie! Nicole Aniston: her Ass has Power!

Nicole Aniston
Nicole Aniston
Nicole Aniston

What they say:

Calling all Ass lovers, Ass Parade has a special treat for you guys today.
On today’s new update of Ass Parade, we brought in a booty that will knock you out of your feet.
We have the sexy Nicole Aniston, this babe has an ass that’s out of this world.
She sucks dick like if it was the last one standing, and gets her pussy pounded hardcore.
What a wonderful sight to see. What are you waiting for?
Come and watch one of the baddest chicks in the porn industry get down. Enjoy!

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