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Perfect Anal

Franceska Jaimes
Franceska Jaimes
Franceska Jaimes
Sebastian: Is there any line you won’t cross?
Kathryn: Only one… never in the butt.
Cruel Intentions 2

Playful, yes, it’s a good word for Franceska Jaimes. Hell, she’s playful! And she doesn’t have that stupid prejudices like never in the butt. Franceska has a perfectly sexy delicious ass and she doesn’t afraid of anal sex. Mike, the Bald, jumped out his pants when he saw Franceska’s flirty curved ass, well, who wouldn’t.. When I saw that Spanish mom crossed the street and climbed the stairs with frantically wiggling her booty, I wet my pants for the first time. What can I say, Franceska has a perfect seductive body and she’s playful as I said before. But then I was bitterly disappointed. I mean her clitoris and labia. I understand that Franceska is very hot woman and she fucks often which led to her pussy parts enlargement. But, OMG, it looks unaesthetic! What the Hell, girl, do something with that! I loved you! You were my feminine ideal but this is a problem, fuck! No need to blame me of being too demanding, just watch the guy from this movie! It’s clear that Mike the Bald was also apparently not happy with her pussy shape and immediately began to fuck Franceska right in the ass! And her ass is just beyond praises, it’s magically perfect! Of course,
anal fuck scenes were perfect! Nevertheless, I still have some residue on my soul. I mean her large protruding clit and her loose labia lips.. or am I just stupid? Or not? I suggest you to look at Francesca in this film and send me your opinion.. Thanks in advance, guys!

Franceska Jaimes
Franceska Jaimes
Franceska Jaimes

What they say:

This week Ass Parade has gone overseas and capture an amazing Latin ass.
Who else better than to have the sexy Franceska Jaimes on our latest update.
This babe rocks and will have your cocks tingling.
This hot sexy Latin babe is every mans dream and today’s is my boy Mikes.
She takes the cock like a champ and gets anal fuck in every positions that you can think off.
You guys please stay tune and thank me later! Enjoy it.

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