Ms. Paige Turnah and Her Ass!

Paige Turnah
Paige Turnah
Paige Turnah

I always thought British Ladies are cold and prim. In fact, I do love British woman. They have a delicate features, expressive eyes and sensual mouths. Their fine hands ended with exquisite fingers and they act like lofty cats. Cats, that walk alone, by themselves. But Paige, naughty Paige, she ruined my idea of English dames by her aggressive sexuality. She looked so prim and refined at the beginning of the movie, but then she gets up to mischief. And her Lovely and Huge British ass made me crazy. She’s just unbelievably good.. God Save the Queen! Ms. Paige Turnah!

Paige Turnah
Paige Turnah
Paige Turnah

What they say:

English Chick Has A HUGE Ass
Wait till you get a look at this week update of Ass Parade. We brought in a fine babe from England “Ms. Paige Turnah”
with in ass so big that will leave you amazed. For being in amateur she sure can fuck and suck dick like a pro.
Fucking a bad ass England chick like Paige is every mans dream and today’s is Alex dream come true.
She gets pounded hardcore and shows the viewer that she could take a dick better then any other chick.
You guys have to stay tune an watch this amazing England babe get down.

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  • Lin:

    Are you serious? You like the fake ass? Her ass and thighs look bigger than Earl Campbell in that pic. The real thing is so much better.

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