Allie Haze in Knitted Cap

Allie Haze
Allie Haze
Allie Haze

– Is your head feeling cold?
– Nope.
– Why do you wear this cap then?
– To prevent my head feeling cold!

Allie Haze is a sexy, sweet looking babe with a cute face and a great little ass. She has long sexy legs at 5’7″ and measures an all natural 32A-25-36. Allie Haze is bubbly and cute but don’t let that fool you. She loves to fuck on film especially doggie style. Allie is a self described sexual monster!

There is a beautiful Russian fairy tale about Snegurochka, The Snow Maiden. It was a beautiful girl made of snow and ice. When she grew up, she met a prince and fall in love with him. Her love was so hot, that she melted and turned into the cloud to fly over the lands forever. Very touching and beautiful story.

But don’t worry about Allie Haze in her new movie. This lovely Snow Maiden won’t melt because of her hot feelings. This is another story with happy end, I promise you! Just watch, how one lucky guy brought her home and fucked her sweet pussy and amazing ass every way possible! Her wonderful Snow Maiden’s cap even dropped off her head during this crazy action. But that’s okay, Allie Haze is amazing even without her cap. She’s gorgeous! Watch for yourself!

Allie Haze
Allie Haze
Allie Haze

What they say:

Here we are again with another extraordinary update of assparade.
This week we brought in Allie Haze to shake her phat ass and have Mike Adriano clean her colon with his tongue.
Allie has a fun bubbly personality which makes her even more desirable running along side of that great personality is her amazing body.
If this is not enough to sell you then I’m sure you don’t care to know that Mike Adriano pops like 4 loads and Allie still won’t stop! She Keeps going and going and going!

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