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Easter Bunny Ass

Sarah Vandella
Kirra Lynne
Miss Raquel

Could someone explain me – why rabbits do love eggs? Why these furry animals arrange some incomprehensible annual bustle around the eggs, which we call Easter? It’s a biological nonsense! This stereotype is unclear for me. I’ve got another stereotype about rabbits in my mind. Rabbits do love to fuck! There is a saying even “to fuck like rabbits”. Here is what I understand! Lets take this movie, for example. They call it Easter Bunny Fever and I like it very much, really! Three sexy girls with gorgeous asses, dressed up as rabbits even. They also pretend they care about eggs. Ha ha, we all know what they’re looking for. I tell you, they’re looking for a big powerful cock, which will fuck them hard! And they find it. And this powerful cock fucks them all, everyway possible! AWESOME!
As for eggs.. fuck them, these eggs! Vive la Easter Bunny Fever!

Sarah Vandella
Kirra Lynne
Miss Raquel

What they say:

I’ve always had a thing for playboy bunnies.The whole thing about girls showing off their gorgeous bodies in bunny suits
really gets me hard.So, anyways I was walking around Lincoln Rd. when I see fucking Ramon in a big ass bunny suit walking
around all smooth with an easter basket in his hands like he’s John Travolta in fucking Saturday Night Fever.I couldn’t
help but laughing, I told him “Don’t you know that easter passed already man.” Ramon, didn’t give a fuck because he had
three hot ass babes dressed in bunny suits at his friend’s house,and the best part is that they were down for anything,
and when I say down for anything, I mean there was some nasty girl on girl, anal action going down.
Sarah Vandella, Kira, and Raquel were getting their freak on,and when they saw Ramon,they started fighting over the cock.
Luckily his boy Sergio came by and gave these cock hungry girls some extra dick.I guess Easter brought out the freaks in
them,because there was some crazy orgy action going on, and I was loving it.

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